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first_img But am very pleasantly surprised by just how easy to use this is and how effective the tools. I was a bit sceptical, but am very pleasantly surprised by just how easy to use this is and how effective the tools are at creating some very nice styles. My hair is very thick and long but the tools are strong enough to cope and transforms a boring ponytail into something really attractive. I would recommend this product. I love this very much but as i have very thick. I love this very much but as i have very thick hair it is very difficult to pull hair through and i wonder if it may break at some time. I must impress that my hair is extremely thick and this would not worry most people. I would buy again if it broke. But very disappointed with postage cost. I bought for grandaughter as stocking filler for christmas. It’s as advertised and arrived very quickly, but very disappointed with postage cost. 32 vat making the overall total £7. The cost of the item i don’t have a problem with, but it arrived in a huge cardboard envelope when i believe it would have fit nicely in a normal envelope with a first class stamp as there is no weight to it. This really does turn a plain hairstyle into smthg more glamourous but you have to be careful as it does feel a bit on the flimsy side, like it could break if you force it too much. Haven’t bothere with the mini one, may be suitable for babyfine hair or for someone who has time to fiddle with little strands as per the lower picture. This product gets the thumbs up from granddaughter. It takes a bit of getting used to & isn’t easy to use at first but the results are worth it and it creates lovely styles. Quick delivery and easy to use. Quick delivery and easy to use. Makes doing hair so much quicker and allows for some fun hair styles that look complicated but are really easy to achieve. My daughter fell on this with cries of joy; does what it says on the tin. So easy to use & many different styles to try. Buy the original as cheaper makes will not last. Great idea, though no good for fine hair as the hair style falls out quickly on both my granddaughters hair. Decided to put away untill their hair thickens up a bit as its very easy to use following the enclosed instrutions with photos. Had one of these before but lost it on holiday. Wouldn’t be without it now really easy to use and even my husband can use it to do my daughters hair . I have fairly thick, shoulder length hair. I have found it nigh on impossible to use this on my ponytail. My hair just won’t go inside out without. Would probably work fine on thinner hair. Came by this product by fluke and i’m glad i did. I’m not the best at doing different things with my hair, but this had given me a good few quick and easy options. Quick to use and glimpse different than ordinary ponytail i just appreciate it fast shipping and delivery content client thanks.Fantastic for my small women. Best for my little women. As a dad with 2 ladies (six and 5) i necessary one thing that would enable me compete with the super mums at school who braid their daughters hair in diverse variations each and every working day. Luckily for us my women are outstanding and everything that i handle to do for them they say seems to be wonderful. Even so, the topsytail assists me get to a a bit larger quality of ponytail. I followed the guidance and sneaked a peek on youtube (hundreds of movies) and managed to mail them to faculty searching perfect (in my eyes). Awesome ponytails that nonetheless look like they belong on tiny women. It is really uncomplicated to use – my women preferred design is for me to do a low ponytail, tie it with a bobble and then loop the hair through the topsytail and pull as a result of. This offers a complete similiar to the 1 on the packet deal with. They seem (one significant 1 compact) very well built and rough and they will not pull on the ladies hair when i use them. Fantastic addition to the tangle teaser.I don’t forget utilizing these as a child myself and now i have purchased a pair to use on my daughters hair :)this is a wonderful established you get 2 in this pack 1 substantial one compact, they are very simple to use we enjoy them.Will be equipped to develop simple updo my own shoulder duration hair and obtained my stage daughter a single as xmas stocking filler as she has charming very long hair. Will come with notion leaflet as effectively.I gave this product or service a five star rating there are so several designs i can accomplish with my normally straight hair so uncomplicated to use. Instructions quick to comply with , identified on my preferred internet site amazon despatched rapidly from conair give it a attempt you wont be sorry.Wee adjust from the usual dull ponytail. . Jazzes up your hair if you do not want to wear it down and are unwell of dull aged pony tails. The small one bundled is good for my wee female :)) x. These do what’s required and are quite strong (which is needed) when my children do their own hair. Very happy with this product, still experimenting. I gather this is the original maker of this product, quite sturdy, and although a lot of pulling hair through involved that will obviously put a strain on the plastic, it seems like it is going to hold up well. Good information leaflet inside, and you can also go on to youtube to find plenty of demos. Worth the money in my opinion. To have one as a child and am so pleased to find one now my hair is long enough. I used to have one as a child and am so pleased to find one now my hair is long enough. My daily hairstyle was getting boring, whereas this just makes it pretty and different. It’s fun and easy to use, even on thick hair. Well this was well worth a try. I did sort of manage to use it, it is quite simple even for me. A bit more exciting than a plain covered elastic band. You do need a covered elastic band to hold your hair into a pony tail and then you use the large or small plastic utensil provided (think large sewing needle). You poke the pointy end through your hair and thread the pony tail through and pull it through above the covered elastic band (full and better instructions are in the box you will be pleased to know). And voila a pony tail with a twist. Rather depends on whether you can make a neat pony tail in the first place but even so definitely worth a try. Would imagine that it might be very useful if you are having to style little girl’s long hair on a daily basis. Perfect for my little girlswouldn’t be without itbrilliant little deviceeasy way to make your hair look a little differentBrings back memoriesGreat value for moneyScunci TopsytailCreate multiple hairstylesAllows you to create some of your own stylesInstructions included for how to create six different stylesLightweight and compactEasy and quick to uselast_img