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first_imgRe “Cheney shoots fellow hunter” (Feb. 13): By not holding a press conference immediately after accidentally shooting his hunting companion, Harry Whittington, Vice President Dick Cheney gave the Democrats, comedians and those who think they’re comics, more ammunition than they can possibly use in the next 10 years. Sandy Sand West Hills Cheney’s sick From the headline story “Cheney shoots fellow hunter,” we learn much more than the fact that Vice President Cheney shot his fellow hunter, which in itself should alert Congress to reconsider new gun laws for senile hunters. We learned that his victim was treated by the medical team and removed to the hospital in the ambulance that follows the vice president everywhere he goes. Beyond the question of should an ailing vice president be allowed to handle a gun, is the question, should the taxpayers be charged with paying for a medical team and ambulance to follow an ailing multimillionaire V.P. day after day, minute after minute, when millions of citizens have no health care whatsoever? Philip Wilt Van Nuys Who knew? Re “Cheney shoots fellow hunter” (Feb. 13): Looks like the draft board was prescient, giving Dick Cheney five military deferments from military service in Vietnam. Jeanne Torok Burbank Spotting quail Re “Cheney shoots fellow hunter” (Feb. 13): A primer on spotting quail among the Bushes: Bush the son’s vice president mistook a lawyer for a quail. Bush the father mistook a Quayle for a vice president. Sam Dolinar Sunland Friendly fire Re “Cheney shoots fellow hunter” (Feb. 13): Amazing but true! A Republican muckety-muck is the victim of “friendly fire.” Takes on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it, Mr. Vice President? Jerry Goldring Sherman Oaks Protecting America Re “Cheney shoots fellow hunter” (Feb. 13): So, the vice president shot a lawyer. I just knew he was a patriot. Mike Suter Camarillo PITA or USAF Re “2 CHP officers to be fired in ‘gator shooting” (Feb. 11): From the two articles in Saturday’s paper it seems PETA has more power than the USAF. In Sacramento, two CHP officers were fired for shooting alligators in New Orleans, while the officer that shot the unarmed AF security officer is on paid leave. Animal rights trump human rights. Welcome to the brave new Orwellian world. Bob Driscoll Woodland Hills Left-turn signals Re “Untangling traffic” (Editorial, Feb. 10): Beware, San Fernando Valley residents, left-turn arrows aren’t always what they appear to be. Left-turn arrows take extra time, making the wait in traffic for the next green light, even more frustrating than it already is. A protected left turn can snarl traffic more than the same intersection without one, especially if the left turn green arrow is followed by a red one. If we’ve no choice but to accept the green left-turn arrow, for heaven’s sake, please don’t also install a red left-turn arrow as well. Testimony to the downside of protected left-turn arrows is Cathedral City. There, the protest against protected left-turn arrows with the quarter-mile-long traffic jams that they caused, was so great that the city removed them. To everyone’s surprise, traffic flow improved immensely. Richard E. Fearns Los Angeles Going straight Re “Left turns to be easier” (Feb. 9): Maybe, but it will continue to remain a challenge simply going straight in Los Angeles. Tom Grant Sherman Oaks Signal is there Regarding “Left-turn signal at San Fernando Road and Polk in Sylmar” in a Feb. 13 letter by Sandra Mantik: That left-turn light has already been installed months ago and only needs to be activated. Francis E. Lawlor Sylmar Beautiful Canoga Park Re “Rebirth of Reseda?” (Your Opinions, Feb. 13): Canoga Park is home to a successful and expanding shopping mall, charming homes – many from the 1920s (like the one I live in) and a thriving downtown walking district, a result from the many positive partnerships and revitalization efforts happening in town, including the addition of our two live theatres. I know for a fact that Canoga Park’s winning of the All-America City award was rightfully deserved – I was part of the delegation who went to Atlanta for our finalist presentation. Regarding Reseda, would you rather the theater just sit there empty rather than someone taking a positive, proactive approach to improving the area? I think Canoga Park is beautiful and our diversity is part of what makes it so. Mary Paterson Executive director Canoga Park Improvement Association Get the word out Re “Surrendered-baby law needs publicity to work” (Their Opinions, Feb. 13): Just last week, I called and left messages with three different law enforcement agencies to find out how I can get “safe surrender” bumper stickers for my four cars – like the sheriff’s cars and firetrucks have. I’m for it. I’d like to spread the word in my small way. I’m still waiting for a response. Joy Meyer Newhall Greed first Re “Parking lot ads can’t be missed” (Business, Feb. 11): First, the sides of MTA buses, then the hubcaps of taxicabs, now advertisements on the painted lines that separate the spaces in parking lots. What’s next, the steps of the White House? Perhaps a cross on top of a church? I’m aware that life in this country revolves around free enterprise in an open market, but must we all be bombarded with ads every where we travel? Enough already. If I feel a need to purchase something, I have a pretty good idea where I could find what I’m looking for. People in other countries despise Americans because we display a reputation of greed. After witnessing the lengths corporations go through to make a buck, they may have a point. Kyle Laurent Newhall Michelle Kwan Michelle won a silver medal and a bronze medal in two Olympic Games. She says it’s not about the gold, it’s the spirit, but all I see is someone obsessed with getting a gold medal for her own satisfaction, not her country’s. It’s about time she let other skaters try to reach their dreams of even competing in the Olympic Games. Claire Tucci Tarzana It doesn’t work Re “Racial progress” (Your Opinions, Feb. 10): Bruce Jones and the ACLU think it is wrong to, as Jones puts it, “ethnically segregate prisoners in our county jail system.” Despite all the naive thoughts about integrating the jails, about brotherhood and “Can’t we all just get along,” it doesn’t work. People involved in the racially motivated riots are vicious criminals, people without conscience or empathy for those unlike themselves. The ACLU wants integration in the jails but, as usual, will not accept a gram of responsibility for the violence that will ensue. I am no fan of Sheriff Baca, but in this case he is correct. Putting black and Hispanic prisoners together has and will continue to result in violence, injuries and deaths. John R. Schlank Granada Hills AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECasino Insider: Here’s a look at San Manuel’s new high limit rooms, Asian restaurant160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img