Drivers fined $7500 after admitting to DUI

first_imgRonald Ganesh, Janeshwar Persaud and Arif Mohamed were all fined for driving while under the influence of alcohol when they made a recent appearance at the Wales Magistrate’s Court.They all admitted that when Police stopped them individually on the La Grange, West Bank Demerara (WBD) Public Road at various times, they all exceeded the prescribed limit for consumption of alcoholic substances. The first-time offenders were each fined $7500 and had their driver’s licence endorsed.Ganesh, who operated motor car PNN 649, was stopped on March 11, 2018, and his breath alcohol level measured 121 micrograms. Persaud, a hire car operator, had a reading of 92 micrograms while driving HC 4047 when he was stopped and tested on March 9, 2018. Mohamed, who was driving PRR 2510, was also stopped on that date and his breath alcohol level measured 55 micrograms.Presiding Magistrate Rushell Liverpool informed the traffic offenders that a default in payment of the fine would result in one week’s imprisonment.last_img