How Technical Are Sports Going To Get?

first_imgWhile listening to a baseball game the other night, I could not believe the statistics they were quoting.  Most teams now have charts, graphs, and statistics on every ball a major league player hits.  They know how hard it was hit.  They know which direction it went.  They know how many times a player hits in a certain part of the field, and it goes on and on.There are definitely 3 areas of coaching that now are a part of every program going. StatisticsTechnology of equipment and individualsHuman BehaviorsIn the old days, a coach knew something about the sport he was coaching and he knew how to handle people.  Today this might win you a third of your games.  Now you have to know where a basketball player shoots from, how he shoots, when he shoots, and how accurate he is.  It might not be too long before you will have to know what he ate for breakfast and lunch before he plays the game, because that might change his body chemistry and all of your stats will go out the window.  Sometimes I am glad I am retired!last_img