To enter Croatia, tourists will have to take a PSR test

first_imgHowever, what attracted the most attention, at least as far as the tourism sector is concerned, is the procedure for entering Croatia, when, of course, the borders are opened. The PCR test is currently being discussed, Bilateral talks are currently under way with neighboring countries on opening borders, while epidemiologists will have the final say on both the opening date and the protocol for entering the country. Therefore, tourists will have to have a certificate that he has done a virus test and only with such a certificate will they be able to enter Croatia. Alemka Markotić, director of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases “Dr. Fran Mihaljević ”last night was a guest in the central Dnevnik of HRT and said that we are more ready to fight COVID-19 than five months ago when we knew nothing but that it was a new virus. When asked that a PCR test will be performed upon entering the country and how reliable it is, Markotić emphasized: “Until all countries get rid of the virus, Croatia cannot be sure either. Those who want to enter Croatia will have to take a PSR test in their country, which must not be older than 24 hours. Only with this confirmation will they be able to enter the country. It is a highly reliable test, but there is no 100% test, so even here you need to be careful if you go from an area where there are infections. Do not go home if you know you have been near an infected person”Said Markotić and additionally pointed out that we must not relax and that Croatia is endangered until all countries get rid of the virus. “Today, thanks to science, connectivity, technology, we already know a lot and in the second phase we will be able to fight the virus more readily”Added Markotić. Source: HRT / Photo: MUPlast_img