Republicans pile onto conspiracy theories about vote counting

first_imgHe has help.Rep. Paul Gosar bragged about having joined Trump supporters outside the site where ballots were being counted in Maricopa County. The aggressive group was apparently motivated by a conspiracy theory about votes being changed rather than counted, and it included far-right anti-immigration activists and threatened reporters. – Advertisement – That’s the substance of Republican angst: Votes are being counted, and those votes may not go the way Republicans want them to go. That must be the result of conspiracy and cheating and outright theft by Democrats, they claim, with a big dose of rage that the votes of Black people are being counted at all.Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s message is simple: “Every vote must be counted.” Rep. Kevin Brady repeated Trump’s lies about vote counting being conducted in secrecy, cloaking a lie as a call for transparency. That transparency already exists, however—though law enforcement in more than one city has had to defend vote-counting sites against mobs of Trump supporters trying to get inside to disrupt counting. Rep. Jim Banks tied together a Peter Strzok conspiracy theory with a reference to “the shady ballot counting happening in WI, MI and PA.” You know, the ballot counting. Which Republicans insist must be shady, because it’s not going their way.The majority of the Pennsylvania state House tweeted that “The failure of Pennsylvania to have firm election results on Election Day is an openly partisan failure by Democrats from the Wolf administration to the PA Supreme Court.” Except the failure of Pennsylvania to have firm election results on Election Day is a direct result of Republican legislators blocking election officials from counting or even processing mail ballots before Election Day!Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich enthusiastically jumped on board with claims that “Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are all being stolen by Democrats.” Again, because votes are being counted.- Advertisement –center_img – Advertisement –last_img