Northfield’s Microcheck helps expand microbial identification libraries

first_imgMicrocheck has announced that it is working with scientists at Applied Biosystems, a division of Life Technologies Corporation, to further enhance Applied Biosystems validated libraries that provide the most complete information for microbial identification in pharmaceutical manufacturing. These libraries contain information about bacteria and fungi, enabling users of Applied Biosystems MicroSEQ® Microbial Identification System to perform accurate identifications. Microcheck is an independent contract cGMP microbiology laboratory, with expertise in fungal, yeast, actinomycete and bacterial identification, environmental monitoring, and microbiology testing.Microbial identification is important because pharmaceutical companies need to monitor their manufacturing environment for the presence of bacteria and fungi. A molecular approach to microbial identification has significantly improved identifying these microorganisms. Part of effective molecular analysis is having comprehensive information in databases that are used to compare the molecular properties of microorganisms.Michael Sinclair, M.S., Ph.D., and postdoctoral fellowship, has applied his 30 years of experience as a mycologist specializing in fungal identification and classification to lead Microcheck with a vision of helping laboratories improve the way they conduct microbial identification. Microcheck has been at the forefront of expanding information about bacteria and fungi, enabling scientists to eliminate unknowns that could adversely affect the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Many scientists are increasingly adopting molecular analysis to increase overall accuracy in microbial identification, said Dr. Sinclair. This is a critical time to give these microbiologists the most comprehensive information about fungal, yeast, actinomycete and bacterial identification. Our work with Applied Biosystems will ensure that pharmaceutical companies will continue to have access to the most comprehensive libraries for microbial identification.About MicrocheckMicrocheck is an independent full service microbiology laboratory specializing in microbial identification of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and actinomycetes. The company supports quality control programs for the pharmaceutical, medical device, personal health, sterile manufacturing and packaging, agriculture/food, raw materials, water testing, research, bioremediation, and other related industries. Well over 220,000 isolates have been identified to species at Microcheck since 1988. Microcheck s scientific teams are experts in bacterial identification, fungal identification, gene sequencing, environmental monitoring, and microbiology testing. For more information, call (866) 709-6600 or visit is external).For additional information about Microcheck s full service microbiology laboratory please visit is external).Source: Microcheck. Northfield, VT April 13, 2009last_img