They’ve Arrived! New EMC Isilon Products To Expand The Data Lake

first_imgWe promised them in early 2016, and they’re already here: IsilonSD Edge, Isilon OneFS 8.0 and Isilon CloudPools are available today. Together, these products can transform the way organizations store and use data — whether at the edge, the core or the cloud – by harnessing the power of the data lake.DATA LAKE AT THE COREA data lake offers many advantages. By consolidating file-based, unstructured data on EMC Isilon—the #1 scale-out NAS storage platform in the industry—organizations can eliminate costly storage silos, simplify management, increase data protection, and get more value from data assets.The new Isilon OneFS 8.0 operating system extends these benefits by offering continuous service for the data center with non-disruptive upgrades and enabling an edge-to-core-to-cloud data lake.Here’s the skinny on what’s new in OneFS 8.0:Non-disruptive upgrades (NDU) capability to maximize uptime during upgrades with a flexible upgrade rollback option for increased management controlAdvanced DR capabilities with support of the SMB3 Continuous Availability protocol and for NFSv4 failover that facilitates non-disruptive operationsA new and updated FreeBSD 10 based kernel for the OneFS operating system that provides enhanced performanceSimplified administration with support for an improved Cluster Event Log (CELOG v2) that allows better management and handling of alertsImproved performance for Isilon SyncIQ data replicationEnhanced support for multi-stream NDMP backupsImproved job engine performanceIncreased security with the ability to configure multiple DNS servers as well as controlled data sharing between Access ZonesImproved file filtering capabilities allows policy-based control of what files can be stored on an Isilon clusterHDFS auditing to address governance and regulatory requirementsEXPANDING THE DATA LAKE TO THE EDGEData at edge locations is growing – but edge locations are often inefficient storage silos with inconsistent data protection practices and limited IT resources. Data at the edge is also generally outside the core data lake and can’t easily be incorporated into analytics projects.EMC IsilonSD Edge addresses these challenges with a Software-Defined Storage solution that combines the power of Isilon scale-out NAS with the economy of industry standard hardware in a VMware ESX environment.IsilonSD Edge is available in two versions: a ‘free and frictionless’ download for non-production use and a production version that is available through the EMC Store.EXPANDING THE DATA LAKE TO THE CLOUDIsilon CloudPools software provides policy-based, automated tiering that allows customers to address rapid data growth and optimize storage resources by using the cloud as an economical storage tier for cold or frozen data that is rarely accessed while leveraging your valuable on-premise storage resources for more active data and applications.For more info on the new Isilon products, click here.last_img